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Filemaker Server ODBC Problems

Question asked by DavePaul on Nov 23, 2011
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Filemaker Server ODBC Problems

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Hi everybody, I have researching a solution to this problem and I'm completely stumped...

I have a Visual FoxPro database on my company's server.  I need to link up the info in this database with my Filemaker database, which resides on Filemaker Server, on the same machine.

Since the other database is Visual FoxPro, a live, realtime External Data Source is out of the question.  So what I would like to do is basically mirror the tables in my VFP database to tables in my Filemaker database, and update them via ODBC imports within Filemaker scripts.

This all seems to work decently using a test setup with the VFP database sitting alongside Filemaker Pro.  The problem occurs when I try to reproduce the test on the Server.  When I try to set up an ODBC import, whether its inside a script or straight from the File menu, my only choices for ODBC drivers are the ones set up on my local machine, not on the server.  And yes, on the server I do have a System DSN set up for my VFP database, ready to go.

Any suggestions or solutions?  I wish it were an option to ditch the VFP database or do a one-time import and leave it behind, but alas this is not the case.  The VFP database is still being used and the Filemaker solution needs to be able to keep up with its changes.  Thanks in advance!!