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Filemaker Server on Amazon EC2

Question asked by AlexanderOskin on Jan 18, 2015
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Filemaker Server on Amazon EC2

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We have installed Filemaker Server 13 on Amazon EC2 Windows instance. Instance have two IP, one private IP and on public IP. When we use Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Go with this server installation everything is fine. But when we use WebDirect we can't see the container fields content.

For example. In container field we have audio record. Through Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Go we can play audio records, through WebDirect audio records are not available. After some experiments we noticed that WebDirect loads container field content with private IP in a link, but should loads with public IP.

Container field in WebDirect loads link like this http://privateIP/testrecord.mp3 and the record not played. If change by hands in this link private IP to public IP like this http://publicIP/testrecord.mp3 the record played and everything is fine.

Any suggestions? Or maybe we can find anywhere step-by-step instruction of how to install Filemaker Server on Amazon EC2?