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    FileMaker Server on Mac Pro on multiple  networks



      FileMaker Server on Mac Pro on multiple  networks

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           Hi - 

           Can I run FileMaker Server on a Mac Pro with two different networks connnected to it?

           I have not tried this, but I would like to have a client's DSL (with public IP) plugged into one Ethernet port on the Mac Pro and have the same client's ComCast cable connection (also with a public IP) plugged into the other Ethernet port on the Mac Pro.

           Will FileMaker Server then host our files concurrently on both networks and public IPs?

           Are there any special considerations to using this configuration?  I will use 10.8.x and FileMaker Server 11 (or 12 if I have to)

           One new concern - I plan on installing FileMaker Server 11 from one client on a borrowed MacPro this weekend to test this - do I HAVE to uninstall FMS 11 on my client's current computer that's serving their files, even if I plan on turning their current server off while I do this testing?

           Can I just shut down their server, install FMS 11 on the MacPro using their FMS serialization, test the network setup I described above, and if it work, uninstall FMS 11 on the MacPro and take it back to where I borrowed it from?!

           Or, is FMS going to tell me its already installed somewhere on a machine (even if it is not powered up) and not let me do the install on the MacPro?

           I don't want to have to uninstall to test and then reinstall - I am not planning on deploying FMS 11 on the MacPro until I purchase one...

           Thanks - 


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               Hi Again All - 

               Just wanted to let everyone know that I got this setup going and it works GREAT.  I have a Mac Pro with two separate Ethernet connections from two different ISPs, and clients can access databases from the internet on either network.  

               By doing this, I am able to keep our offsite users on their own network that is not affected by the users at the main office.  Speed has been excellent and consistent for the offsite users - they use a "Portal" computer running Filemaker at the main office and access it with Remote Desktop.

               I recommend trying this if you have offsite users that need remote access with intranet speed - easy to configure!