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    Filemaker Server on Snow Leopard Server



      Filemaker Server on Snow Leopard Server

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      I know it is still pretty early in the release of snowleopard but can you get Filemaker Server 9 working on Snow leopard server.  Thanks

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             I have tried and what I have found is that if you upgrade from 10.5.8 with 10.0v1 it doesn't work and continues not to work regardless of whether you uninstall.  The uninstaller must leave something behind I haven't found it yet but a plist and removing that didn't work.  I have a test server also and that has a completely new install of 10.6.1 then configured, then installed the FMS 10.0v2 trial installer and put in my FMS10 serial etc.  It works perfectly.  My problem is that I have all my data and users and webservices set up on the upgraded machine and I really don't want to start that lot all again.  So I'm running FMS 10.0v1 from my backup xserve running 10.5.8 and a bunch of my backup scripts don't work properly because filemaker doesn't want to back up to a networked drive (another machine)!!!!!!  It's beyond me why Filemaker and Apple haven't tested this.  What I could do with is a manual guide to uninstalling FMS 10 so I can ensure everything is gone!!!  Do not install the original FMS 10.
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            Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


            FileMaker Server 9 will not work on Snow Leopard.  For a listing of compatibility issues, please see Knowledge Base Article #7355:





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