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Filemaker Server remote monitoring options?

Question asked by MYoung on Sep 15, 2014


Filemaker Server remote monitoring options?

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Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on setting up some monitoring for FM12/13 databases? Right now I have an FM12 database at a colo and a separate fm13 db at a remote office. I'd love to have some centralized monitoring/alerting set up at my office so that when the database goes down or is unresponsive (or less responsive than it should be) that I will get an email/sms alert.

Right now I get an email when a script fails, and I can set up general OSX Server monitoring for the actual hardware health and connectivity, but I'm not sure what options are available to me to let me know (without going in and looking at the server console) when the DB goes down, web publishing stops for no reason, or response times get out of the acceptable range. Any ideas?