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    FileMaker Server starting without login



      FileMaker Server starting without login

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      My boss is considering buying the FileMaker Server, but, we have a question unanswered yet! This maybe a silly question for You guys but its bothering us.

      Can a Filemaker server, and how, be setup to start on a machine start-up, BUT without logging in in to Window? 

      We have borrowed a server 11 advanced licence from a friend not using it right now, and we have tried to make it do so, but haven't been successful. It is running on a Windows 7 professional computer, our server is on Windows Server 2008 R2, but no testing on server allowed! 

      Being that we need to return the borrowed licence in the next few days, I would like to know is it a option or not, so we can test it, because if it is not possible, from our point of view, we would not buy a Server license, as a Filemaker pro license with the sharing on is doing the same for us.


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               Why do you need this ability? FileMaker Server is intended to run as a 24/7 "service" on the host computer.

               This service is normally set to automatically start up when the OS starts up and it does not require logging into windows to manually start it. With the needed files in place to be hosted by server, you can turn on the computer, wait for it to finish launching and then you can go to another computer that has FileMaker Pro installed and use Open Remote to access one of the hosted files--all without logging into Windows on the server.

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                 The point is that You need to be loged in to server machine, You can not logout out of window, just switch user... And my boss prefere loging out of server, once its not being used for something!

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                   I don't think you need to be logged in--given that I can launch the server and then access the database files from other computers without ever logging in on the server. I only log into the server when using Remote Desktop Access to access it in order to monitor it's function or to make changes--such as installing a windows update on it.

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                     Strange! Then I am having some kind of issue, being that as soon as I log out, the file disappears from the remote files list! Any thoughts about that?


                     On a different note, I just realized that You have answered every single question I have ever asked here! Thank You kind sir! :)

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                       You may want to discuss log in accoungts and services with someone more knowledgeable about them than I. It could be due to the fact that we never set up a domain on our server.

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                         I see thi is a month and a half old but i noticed there seemed to be some confusion. The OP says that they are running FMS 11 on Windows 7 for testing purposes. That is the difference I believe. On a server machine running Windows Server 2008 ( or any server software ) the behavior is defferent. A server is meant to run without anyone logged in where as a work station with Windows 7 is not designed to do so.

                         So if you are running Filemaker Sevrver on a server machine running server software it will behave as Phil described without any need to login with any account. That's exactly how it's designed to work..