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Filemaker Server trying to open non-existant file

Question asked by cresal on Jun 24, 2011
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Filemaker Server trying to open non-existant file

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Hey there. 

So I have a funny problem. I just installed our new version of Filemaker Server Advanced, pointed it at the folder where we keep our databases, and turned them on. This file is where they're normally kept and where they were running from before this new version was installed. But during the last week we had been running two of them off two separate computers while our network was down so I copied the databases onto the main folder on the server from these other computers. One of them works fine, no trouble at all. The other (called "Research") is open and running off the server, but it gives me a funny response when I try to open it on any computer. A dialog box pops up saying "The file “People Database Copy.fp7” could not be opened.  (Not Found)" (a backup copy of the other database). The file it's trying to open USED to be in that folder, but was deleted when I was done and we moved back to our regular backingup system. 

After clicking ok it opens a finder window to locate the missing database. canceling that finder window opens my Research database. *boggle*

I made another copy of the research database, called it "Research Database Copy BACKUP", but it still did it. 

Giving it an entirely unrelated name produced the same result. 

Hosting it from my Filemaker Pro on my own computer does not produce this result. 

Ideas? How do I make it stop looking for a non-existant file when opening a different database?