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    Filemaker Server vs Windows Server?



      Filemaker Server vs Windows Server?

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      I remotely support a Filemaker Server 8.5 installation at one of our other offices. It is serving three relatively small interlinked files. Recently, that computer has been abruptly quitting on a periodic basis and when it does, one of the files (the smallest and least active) is corrupted every time, requiring restoration from a backup.


      The machine in question is running Windows Server 2000 and also doubles as an FTP server.


      The on-the-spot Windows networking guy has suggested that the Filemaker server be moved to a different computer because "it's a bad idea to have two FTP servers on the same computer." I'm not sure where he got the idea that Filemaker uses or conflicts with FTP. I've done a little research on-line and found no reference to such conflicts. FMS and FTP don't use the same ports, for example. But I'm a Mac guy and a lot of Windows networking stuff is just beyond me. Does anybody here have any insight for me on this one? 


      Also, the machine that he's suggesting we move the Filemaker Server to is also a fairly active SQL server. Any potential problems there? Again, I've found no reference to any port conflicts, but I'd like to be reassured.



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          My mistake - and just to clarify. The system in question is MS2003 (NOT 2000). The server is FMS8.


          Like I said, it's at another location and I was working from memory. 

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            Have you rebuilt  & optimised the problematic database? (Filemaker advanced has these tools). Is this a database that you have upgraded from a old version (before v7) of filemaker, if you have then there is most likely a layout with corrupted data on it. Is it possible to rewrite/rebuild it by importing the fields & scripts to a new database & recreating the layout/s from scratch. & why not merge the three database togeather?

            There should be no problems with having FMS & FTP running on the same machine. & I would not advice having FMS & SQL running separately on the same machine, the server would not optimise very well, they are both memory & Hard-drive intensive processes...


            Merry xmas