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FileMaker Server Web Publishing and Reports

Question asked by ClayHendrix on Sep 7, 2010
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FileMaker Server Web Publishing and Reports

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I called the FileMaker sales line to determine if I should purchase FileMaker Server 11 or FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. As I was describing my needs, the individual indicated that users that did not have FileMaker or FileMaker Pro could NOT run reports via the web. Right now, we use Access and our users all have Access on their desktops. We are moving to more Macs and I believed that FileMaker Pro for me to create and maintain the databases, and FileMaker Server for users to input data and run reports would be a great combination.

I questioned the individual about this at great length and asked the question many different ways. It seems to me that the web interface can be used for inputting data and looking up data, but not running reports. Users that need to run reports should have a license for FileMaker or FileMaker Pro.

Is this correct? Can someone clarify my understanding?