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    Filemaker Server Webdirect



      Filemaker Server Webdirect

      Your post

           I have a VPN Server that forthe moment use Localy when developing my FM solution

           And i would like to publish this trough WebDirect, I've tried to go on to the Server Admin Console and turn on the Webdirect switch, but the switch always turns off...

           I also opened my solution thats on the server via the Filemaker pro application and tried to configure it's Webdirect settings.
           And still nothing.

           How do i Webdirect ?
           does it matter that i have it on a VPN Server (Filemaker Server)

           or must i use a (Filemaker pro) software to share my solution trough Webdirect ? 

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               Victor Martola:


               Thank you for the post.


          WebDirect is only a feature of FileMaker Server 13


               A few additional questions to assist us in narrowing this down:


               1. What is the FileMaker Server 13 computer's operating system? 

               2. Is the FileMaker Server 13 version 2?

               3. What does "http://localhost/" load from a browser on the server?

               4. What browser(s) were used for testing?


               Additionally, here is the FileMaker 13 WebDirect Guide:


          FileMaker 13 WebDirect Guide



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 The server runson a Virtual Machine on Our VPN Server.
                 The virtual Machine runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

                 The filemaker Server version is (Current Installed Version:
            Not sure if this is version 2.

                 The local host can't be reached trough the Server Console in the virtual machine,
                 But outside the virtual machine (on my main computer) it works when i put the url
                 in the browser (GooGle Chrome)

                 [Edit] - i can obviously reach the localhost Server Console, but the Test pages isn't reachable. only within my main computers browser.


                 It seems that "WebDirect" doesn't like virtual machines.

                 Everything else work, i can reach the Server files trough FM pro, and upload/download, Edit projects, Create/Delete records etc. etc.

                 The only problem is the Webdirect feature. 


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                   Victor Martola:


                   Thank you for the post.


                   "The virtual Machine runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise"


                   The virtual machine would not be an issue, but the "Enterprise" flavor of the Windows operating system is not a tested configuration:


              Technical Specifications FileMaker Server 13


                   Additionally, the computer's hardware does not meet the minimum recommended requirements for FileMaker Server 13. The screenshot provided of the system information shows "2.41 GB" of installed RAM. Please review the screenshot below for the Hardware Requirements for FileMaker Server 13.


                   Likely, the Web Publishing Engine and hence WebDirect does not have sufficient resources to remain enabled.


                   Lastly, here is a useful knowledge base article:


              Understanding the system requirements for FileMaker Server 13



                   FileMaker, Inc.