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FileMaker Slowdown on New Record (and some replace statements)

Question asked by RichardS on Jan 21, 2009
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FileMaker Slowdown on New Record (and some replace statements)

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We have been using FileMaker since about version 4 (possibly 3).
Currently our solution is running on FileMaker 9 Server and we are having some speed issues when creating new records in a specific file (table).

Here are some of the questions that have come up in trying to fix the problem:
Slow relationships:

Master::Cust No = Master_Order_Next::Cust No
Master::OrderDate < Master_Order_Next::OrderDate

Master::Cust No = Master_Order_Previous::Cust No
Master::OrderDate > Master_Order_Previous::OrderDate

Anything using "Master_Order_Next" or "Master_Order_Previous" seems to take a long time to run.

Are their any field types that would cause a relationship to slow down? (i.e., Date, DateTime, etc)?
Do relationships run in FileMaker Server or in the Client? (On version 8? 9? 10?)

Recommended Hardware under our situation?
Is it better to have MySQL on the same computer as FileMaker Server or a different computer?

Is there any estimate on when the crashing when sorting large datasets from a MySQL (ODBC) connection will be fixed?

Will it be changed to sort MySQL (ODBC) data through the query in the connection rather than cache all the data then sort it in FileMaker?

When running FileMaker Server does the MySQL (ODBC) sort take place on the Server or on the Client requesting the sort?

There are 29 files in the solution, between all of them there are over 10 million records, 2200 fields, 300 relationships, and take up about 4 gigabytes of hard drive space.

Right now we want to get everything running smoothly. Later we plan on migrating all the data into MySQL.

More information is available if needed.