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Question asked by RobertRichmond on May 12, 2013


Filemaker web

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     We have a Roll marking file which our staff use to check students off in the morning. Last week the file was upgraded due to some requirements imposed on us.  As a result we are getting complaints about the amount of time it is taking to load the pages. Staff are becoming impatient and keep clicking on buttons as they think that the server has not got their request. As a result the server is getting more requests than before and is becoming overloaded.

     I was wanting to know if there is anyway to indicate to the user that their request is being processed. For example, when they click the button, a timer wheel pops up or the like, which shows the staff member that their request is being processed?

     Is it possible perhaps to run the web service on another server??

     Any ideas about how we might be able to tackle this issue?