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Filemaker Web Direct barcode Scanning

Question asked by ejvandok on Mar 6, 2015


Filemaker Web Direct barcode Scanning

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Hello Forum, 

I'm working on a solution that runs through WebDirect so users with devices other than iPhones can view and make changes to the database. However, they need to be able to input barcodes straight from the camera of the phone. 

We are using the "Insert from Device" function for devices using Filemaker Go, but I haven't been able to find an equivalent (or end user friendly) alternative for WebDirect. The closest we've come is using a BarCode scanner app, copy the digits, and paste them in the field. 

Is there any script or setup that will allow us to link the field to the devices barcode scanning app so that the scanned barcode populates the field? Or possibly is there another alternative? 

Thanks in advance!