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Filemaker Web Form Security Issue

Question asked by HeatherLancaster on Jul 14, 2011


Filemaker Web Form Security Issue

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I've created a Layout in Filemaker Pro and published it using the instant web publishing feature and I've allowed access to the layout to an AD user group that is allowed to view the layout and enter data into the fields.  I've added a related field to the layout in Filemaker pro that is from a related table. This field is a display name that is related to the login username.  This table is not editable by the user but will not display for the end user on the web form even though I have given view rights to the AD users group in security to the field itself and the user can see the layout.  I've tried giving them view rights to the related table as well but not sharing a layout for that table to keep it secure to no avail.  Any help that you can offer would be appreciated as this my first stab at using the web features and this granular security.