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Filemaker Web publishing and Lion Server

Question asked by jonnyt on Jul 27, 2011


Filemaker Web publishing and Lion Server

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Ok so we upgraded to Lion server and its stopped the web side of FM Server Advanced working.

Firstly, I read somewhere that a fix/update is due from Filemaker in October? is that correct?

I would be happy  to join the Beta testing program, if there is something available sooner.


Secondly, I need to get a solution in place for filemaker server web publishing as we use that as a customer portal.

We have an old windows server here, and I know that the web publishing deployment gives you a Two Machine deployment type (database on mac server) web server and wpe engine on windows server)

So would the following scenario work?

1) have the mac server as the database server

2) install filemaker advanced on the windows server and use that as the web publishing server

or would I need to move the whole filemaker system across to the windows machine?