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Files not modifiable after server re-install

Question asked by RichardHood on Sep 20, 2010
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Files not modifiable after server re-install

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The short story is this.  Our server (mac Xserve running OS 10.6 server) decided to hick-up last week.  Couldn't restart the server so had to install OS on a remote drive and start server from that.  Then moved all files to external drive and then rebuilt the server from start.
We reinstalled FM server 10 and  then copied files back to the server.  After uploading files all says normal but when using from a remote location files are not modifiable and FM pro freezes when accessing layouts that use external data sources.
I can log onto the physical server and open the files but FM still will freeze when trying to access external data.
I removed all the files, then replaced with the latest two back-up copies and have the same results.
Tried everything I know and have read so far, hoping to get some help here.