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Files not showing in remote open on one Mac on network

Question asked by collarways on Jun 18, 2009
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Files not showing in remote open on one Mac on network

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Hi, I recently had to reinstall Filemaker server. The old version was uninstalled correctly and new server software installed successfully. We have 4 Macs accessing the files on an internal ethernet network. Since the reinstall one of the macs does not show the files in remote open window. What could be the problem. All other macs access the files without problems.


The odd think is that I had the same problem a couple of months back with a PC not being able to see the files. This was fixed, thanks to help from the forum, by replacing the server.pem file. However, I don't think this applies to the Mac (or does it?).


Here's a bit of technical info:

FM Server 10 runs on a Mac G4, ports open, no firewall

Clients all run on Mac OS 10.4 or higher

Mac Mini, FM9: accesses files fine

Really old iMac (blueberry, bless it) FM8.5: accesses files fine

Mac G5 desktop FM9: accesses files fine

PowerBook G4 FM8.5: used to be able to access files before server software reinstall, but now can't see the files


What am I missing? Thanks, Gabriela