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Filling fields not using the Primary Key ID field

Question asked by swillette on Aug 22, 2012
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Filling fields not using the Primary Key ID field

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I have two related tables, Orders and Dealers. My client wants the related Dealer name address phone etc., to be filled in on an order by the Dealer name, not the dealer id which is how the tables are related.

He wants to type the dealer name, have it auto-filled then have the other fields fill with the related data.

I put a drop down on the dealer name field in the Orders layout using a value list of the Dealers name field in the Dealers table. So when he types the names auto fill, but the other fields will not populate.

What I normally have my customer do is type the Dealer ID number or I have them use a drop down with the Dealer ID and Name, and the rest of the fields populate with the related data.

Is there a way to do this even though the relationship is based on the Dealer ID, not Dealer name?

This seems like and easy task in FM, but I have never been asked to do this before.