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Filter Portal Records / Specific Record / IWP

Question asked by koryb on Jan 5, 2012
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Filter Portal Records / Specific Record / IWP

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We have multiple databases used for separate purposes (Client Contacts, Repair Jobs, Sales Quotes, etc.). Using IWP, we're building a new database that our clients can access online, in which we want them to see much of this info. The model of this new database would be one record per client, in which they can see all the info we want them to.

To show related data from our other databases we're using portals. I can set up a portal of Repair Jobs and the client can easily see a list of all their service history. Each row of the portal shows the Repair #, Repair Date, Billable Time, and Summary Description of the job.

However, our next goal is for the client to be able to click a button, and then see the full detail of each repair. This is where I'm stuck. I know we can Show Related Records and switch to the Repair Jobs database to see the detail. We do this in-house. But switching databases within IWP seems to be a source of confusion to the web experience. So instead I want to have a different layout within the same database showing this detail.

I'm trying to figure this out with the Filter Portal Records function. I want to click the button next to the Repair #, and then switch to a different layout with a different portal (only one record) with the Portal Filter set to show that same specific record. In this new layout we'd include the expanded fields showing the full repair details.

I can't figure out the Portal Filter to do this, and didn't see it searching the forums. If anyone has guidance I'd be sincerely appreciative. Thanks in advance!