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Filter Portal Search Results by Partial Match

Question asked by rmaltsberger on Mar 29, 2011


Filter Portal Search Results by Partial Match

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So I've got one database that's a contact list, and another database that tracks received mail.

We'll be working primarily in the mail database unless we're adding and editing contacts.

The mail database has a functioning portal that displays name/cube number of contacts when their last name is typed in a search field.  For example, I can type in "Jones" so Jason Jones and Matthew Jones show up in the portal, along with their cube, etc.  I achieved this by filtering the portal results so only last names that match the search field are displayed.  I used AC22::last_name=Database2::Search

However, I want to be able to search by the first 3 characters of the last name.  For example, I would like to be able to type in "Jon" and get back Jason Jones, Matthew Jones, Ryan Jonson and Pat Jontille.  What filter calculation can I use to achieve this?  Or can I even since the result has to be boolean?

And once I do show all the results I want, how can I use them (well, 1 contact's results) to populate related fields in the new record?