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    Filter portal vs Relationship criteria



      Filter portal vs Relationship criteria

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      I need to have a layout that is accessed remotely using filemaker network sharing that has several portals on the page.  I am wondering what method is the fastest when accessing the layout, setting a filter portal like, x=alpha and y = beta and z = omega and a = b and b=c, or to create that in the relationship diagram using the same criteria.  There needs to be four portals with similar critera and there are about 40,000 records involved in the criteria. 

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          Don't know the answer, but you might try experimenting with both to find out and if you do, please let us know what you find out. I'd bet on the relationship based option being faster than the portal, but don't really know for sure if that's the case.

          I do know that you should avoid the Refresh Window [flush cached join results] script step on such a layout and I did find a snippet of info on global fields that suggests that moving all global fields not used in your relationship and/or portal filters to a separate table might improve performance.