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Firewall issues w/Winserver 2008 and FMS 10

Question asked by philmodjunk on May 27, 2009
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Firewall issues w/Winserver 2008 and FMS 10

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Server System: Windows Server Standard, SP 1, Filemaker Server 10.

Client Systems: Windows XP, SP3, FMP 10 v2


Ports enabled:




The scope for each of these "exceptions" is "any computer".


When I first boot the server, I can open a hosted file from a client machine. After a few minutes pass, if I stop and restart the client FMP 10, or attempt to connect to the hosted files from a different client machine, the server has disappeared from the Hosts list. I can make the server reappear, by using the admin console to stop and restart the database server. I can also make the server reappear if I turn off the firewall on the server. In fact, if I leave the firewall turned off, the problem does not occur.


This suggests that server's firewall is not correctly configured.


Any guesses as to what I've done wrong?