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Firewall Problems

Question asked by kbsaunders on Aug 27, 2013
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Firewall Problems

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     I recently set up the apple firewall on my server. Since then I have been unable to open the fm concole on any client. I haven't found anything in Troubleshooting addressing this. The following ports are open (I guess from when I first installed fm server):

     fmsased, fmserverd, fmserver_helperd, fmsib, java, python, scsd.

     I have other ports open for other programs and file sharing.

     When I turn the firewall off, I am able to connect from a client. Back on and I can't.

     Could this be that I originally installed fm server when the firewall was off and am now using it when it is on? If so, how do I fix that? If it is not that, what could it be and how would I fix it?

     Thanks in advance for your help.