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    FM  11 Uninstall issue



      FM  11 Uninstall issue

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           HI All

           We are trying to upgrade our FM server from version 11 to 12.

           I uninstalled FM11 Server and it requested a reboot which we did. When the server came on it did not show FM11 server in add/remove programs.

           I ran the setup for FM12 Server and it said it cannot install as FM11 server is currently installed.

           On looking in add/remove programs again it showed FM11 server.

           Now if I try to uninstall FM11 Server I receive and error stating "Error applying transforms, verify that the specified transform paths are valid, I cannot edit any of the installer.

           I tried to reinstall FM11 Server but receive the same error when I try to install.

           We have 40 servers to do this upgrade on and so far I have done 5 and only have this issue, so im a bit stuck.


           Any one have any ideas





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          Neil Williams:

               Thank you for the post.


               How did you perform the uninstall for FileMaker Server 11? Did you use the installation disc or download, or was the process done initially from Add/Remove programs?


               While I am not positive this will work, have you tried running the FileMaker Server 12 uninstaller provided with the disc or electronic software download? Does installation proceed afterwards?


               The uninstaller for FileMaker Server 12 could potentially remove left over files from FileMaker Server 11. Let me know if that works. If not, then please reply and I will suggest further troubleshooting steps.



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 I uninstalled from Add/remove programs


                 Tried using the uninstaller in the FM 12 download to no avail, I get exactly the same error.





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              Neil Williams:

                   Thank you for the reply.


                   The error "Error applying transforms, verify that the specified transform paths are valid" is a Microsoft error: 




                   It appears Windows was not able to successfully uninstall all the components of FileMaker Server. While this may indicate a larger issue with the operating system, you may be able to resolve the installation issue by manually uninstalling FileMaker Server. 


                   To manually uninstall FileMaker Server:


                   1. Backup your database files.

                   2. If still running, stop the FileMaker Server processes.

                   3. Trash the following directory:

                   Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker Server

                   4. Restart the computer.


                   Please let me know if any of the above requires additional clarification and keep me updated with any progress.



                   FileMaker, Inc.