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FM  11 Uninstall issue

Question asked by NeilWilliams on Feb 5, 2014
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FM  11 Uninstall issue

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     HI All

     We are trying to upgrade our FM server from version 11 to 12.

     I uninstalled FM11 Server and it requested a reboot which we did. When the server came on it did not show FM11 server in add/remove programs.

     I ran the setup for FM12 Server and it said it cannot install as FM11 server is currently installed.

     On looking in add/remove programs again it showed FM11 server.

     Now if I try to uninstall FM11 Server I receive and error stating "Error applying transforms, verify that the specified transform paths are valid, I cannot edit any of the installer.

     I tried to reinstall FM11 Server but receive the same error when I try to install.

     We have 40 servers to do this upgrade on and so far I have done 5 and only have this issue, so im a bit stuck.


     Any one have any ideas