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    FM 10 Server - Cannot "Start Database Server"



      FM 10 Server - Cannot "Start Database Server"

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      Windows 2008 Standard - sp2, FMS

      After running a series of windows updates (i believe there were 20+ patches) today and rebooted, FM server can no longer start the DB. From FM Server Admin Console, any item i click on says "The Database Server is not available", if i click the "start database" button ont he top left, it pauses then nothing happens. The admin console indicates that my web server and web publishing engine as both ON, and "Database server ODBC/JDBC: = off.

      In windows services, the Filemaker server is set to start up automatically. I remember that a few years back Windws updates broke FM server as well, but I can't recall what happened.

      Can anyone point me to particlar logs to look at or give any other advice? Thanks.

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          Hi notsure:

          Thanks for posting.

          I would like to get some more information on your server setup.

          Are the following ports 16000, 16001, 16004, 50003, and 5013 still open on the server?  You will want to make sure the Windows firewall is not blocking any of these.

          Let’s also check if the FileMaker Server processes are running.  Open task manager by clicking CTRL + ALT + DEL and select the task manager.  Click on the processes tab and confirm the following ones are running.




          There could also be another service on the machine causing a conflict with FileMaker Server.  To rule this out, you can run a selective start up on your machine.  Here are the steps for using selective start up.

          1. Click on your start menu and type msconfig in the search field. 

          2. Open the system configuration utility and click the general tab. 

          3. Under the general tab, set the startup selection to Selective startup. 

          4. Click on the services tab, and in this tab and check the box that says, “Hide all Microsoft Services.” 

          5. In the services list, uncheck the remaining services, but leave Bonjour and FileMaker Server enabled. 

          6. Click apply, then ok, and you will be prompted to restart the machine. 

          Once the reboot is finished, open the admin console and try starting the database server.  If you no longer get the database server unavailable error, it would indicate there was a service running that conflicted with FileMaker.


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            I wanted to let everyone know how this was fixed. I followed all the instructions above but it did not fix the problem. What fixed it was running the Filemaker 10 Server advanced updater again, and everyone worked fine.


            I recently had a recurring problem again once I ran Windows update (about 10+ patches), and it was fixed again once I ran the advanced updater.