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FM 11 Server Advanced install problem

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2011
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FM 11 Server Advanced install problem

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I downloaded FM Server 11 Adv. to test.  I installed the server on a Windows 7 computer but there are problems.  While I can access the files on the server using "Remote" from a computer on the same network, I cannot see any files when trying to access through iwp.  I also have trouble completing the web server setup on the server.  It fails and asks for the ip and port.  When I open the files in filemaker pro on the w7 computer iwp is on and the port is shown ast and the box is unchecked so the files should appear.  I assume it is using 591 because of a port conflict with IIS.  In any case i cannot complete the web server install part using ANY ip and port#.

I turned the firewall completely off on the server computer and still the files will not appear on the iwp menu. I cannot even see them on the Server computer using http://localhost:591/fmi/iwp. Removing the 591 or using 80 does not make the files appear.  The menu does not even appear much less the files. Just the cannot display the web site message.

What kind of settings would allow the FM network to work but block the iwp publishing?