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FM 11 Server remote admin console access "Unable to launch the application"

Question asked by rvince on Jun 2, 2010
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FM 11 Server remote admin console access "Unable to launch the application"

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I hope someone can help me. I am very new to File Maker.


We are in the proces of installing File Maker Server 11 on a Windows 2003 server. Our workstations are all either XP or Vista.


When I installed the server the machine did not have java installed so it got installed from the distribution cd and all is well. I can use http://localhost:16000/  and then click on Start Admin Console with no problems on the server.

However on several work stations I get the "Unable to launch the application" error when I try to launch "Start  Admin Console" Now these machines generally had Java installed on them and over time would have been updating. They have jave 6 update 20. I found a reference on the File Maker website regarding a bug that FM 9 was incompatible with anything above update 7 and it had a link to the download of java 6 update 7 on the sun website.

I have installed this version of java 6 update 7 on a XP machine that has never had java installed and this machine now works perfectly. It will run the admin console applet with no errors.


So how do I get those workstations that have had a java never than version 7 installed on them to work with the admin console? I have tried the suggestion to delete the temporary files in java, I have also completely unintsalled java and reinstalled the lower version (update 7) and this still does not work.