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FM 12 Server Advanced Console problems

Question asked by schmity on Dec 12, 2013


FM 12 Server Advanced Console problems

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     I posted this problem a while back, but never got any responses.  I finally had a chance to reboot the server, which fixed the issue for a few weeks, but it has reoccurred again.  Filemaker Server Admin Console issues

      FM Server 12 Advanced is running on Server 2008R2.  I can start the admin console from my laptop and can browse around in the console, but can't actually do anything (upload databases, close databases, run schedules, etc.)   The console responds to commands when I switch through the menus, but all the information such as what is open, who is logged in, and when my backups last ran and are scheduled to run again is out of date.  The Server overview does show the correct date and time.

     All my databases are open and functioning normally from the remote work stations.

     My backup schedules are running, but the admin console doesn't reflect the correct dates nor am I receiving my email notifications.  I can tell they are running by looking at the folders in the backup folder on the server.

     Any help is appreciated, thanks!