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    FM 12 Server and local databases



      FM 12 Server and local databases

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           Hello all,

           I am a newbie in Filemaker and want to ask for an idea  how to manage the following problem.

           We want to move from FM Pro to FM12 Server.

           We have some user with notebooks that take once a week a copy of the local FM Pro database located in the office, work outside the whole week without any connectivity, come back to the office and play the database changes back to the local database.

           How can this be realized when we want to use FM Server?

           Thanks for all proposals.





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               You would follow the same process or you could have them connect live if needed over the internet.

               Do you have a specific question you are looking to get an answer on?

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                 Import records can be used to import data from the laptop's copy into the hosted copy. There are numerous issues and variations to consider with such a method, but it can be done and it can be automated with scripts.

                 It is also my understanding that the synch tool offered by SeedCode for synching an FM GO client's data can also be used with FM Pro. I would not be surprised to learn that 360works synch tool also works for such a scenario.

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                   Thank you for your replies.

                   I understood that it is no problem to get altered data to the server.

                   Is it the same vice versa? Back to the client?



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                     I use server 10 still--we're starting to figure out the requirements for an upgrade to 13, but with the version that I'm familiar with, I'd use the admin console to save a back up copy of the file to a shared directory and then I could copy that file across the network to the lap tops.

                     I've come across mention of being able to download copies of files via the Server 13 console, but don't know if that is new to Server 13 or is also possible with server 12.