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FM 12 Server container remote storage options

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Apr 13, 2012


FM 12 Server container remote storage options

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Hey all.

We installed FMP 12 on a machine and were testing out the new container external storage options.  We were having trouble getting a new path created that did NOT contain [hosted location] as the initial part.  That is, we were trying to create a network path storage location, but FM12 kept adding in the prefix [hosted location] to our path, so that everything was in reference to the local machine.  Our network path is specifically intended to NOT be on the local machine (we are trying to test ability to store files on a network NAS device).


We used a string like:  \\machine\share\patha\pathb\

It ended up being:  [hosted location]/machine/share/patha/pathb/

One other oddity in our process is that we were editing the file on one machine, then copying it back up to the server to be hosted.  It was only once it was on the server that the file path had the additional prefix prepended.  (We only have one copy of 12 client at the moment, and obviously didn't install it on the server.  :))

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix that, or how to get a network path to be used?  We are assuming you can, hence the example in the dialog for 'Network path...'.  :)  Does the location need to be mounted locally first (a real pain if each user has to mount the drive before logging in)?


- J