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    FM 12 Server install failure [error creating user]



      FM 12 Server install failure [error creating user]

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           Hi, we are trying to install FM 12 Server onto a brand new Mac Mini Server running OSX 10.8.3 Server. We have tried using the CD in the FM 12 Server box and also downloading the 12.0v4 installer but get the same problem:

           The installer runs nearly all the way through and then you get an error message "error creating user", click OK, then Continue and the installations starts again, then the error message appears again... repeat ad infinitum.
           Background: We have been running FM 11 Server on an old Mac Mini Server running OSX 10.6.8 Server. Today the new machine arrived and we migrated the old Mini Server to the new Mini Server using Migration Assistant. Everything seemed OK, we then tried to install/upgrade the FM Server installation from 11 to 12 and got the above error straight away. All the users seem to be OK in the Server Preferences app. So we downloaded the FM 11 Server installer and ran it to un-install FM 11 Server, we then tried installing FM 12 Server as a clean install but got the same error. We then downloaded the FM 12.0v4 Server installer but the same error occurs too.
           Help! How do we solve this problem?
           Many thanks,