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      FM 12 server SLOW ADMIN CONSOLE

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      I just manage to install FM12 server on windows 2008server and after reboot everytime I go to admin console  I i need to wait like 5-10mins inbetween EACH AND EVERY click I make.

      My config:

      I must say it is all 64bit and i made Web publishing and ODBC DISABLE to not overload the server with unnecessary bits. THIS HAPPENS WITH NO CLIENTS just fresh FM12 server instalation. JUST CAN'T CONFIGURE ANYTHING because moving through the option bar on the left hand side on this console just take ages! Even logging in takes me about 10 mins until console actually loads up. So irritating!

      Server: Microsoft 2008server 64bit - brand new 4core dell server lots of ram (8MB) and disk space 2TB as there is only FM12 running. I made cash in FM12 settings to 800MB just in case. JAVA is ver 5 ver 33 (i tried to go back to 24 but it is doing same thing).

      Please help - what  may cause this incredibly SLOW console Response - i tried to uninstall and install again -same result. Something is not right - ANYBODY HAD SAME ISSUE?  WITH Ver 11 Maybe?


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          I take it you are running Admin Console remotely, ie not on the server itself?  I also find it very slow.

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            If you use remote desktop access to open the admin console directly on the server, does it make a difference?

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               No - it is not about remote access - as i said i haven't rven managed to install any of the clients yet - i'm just trying to configure the FM12 the way the FM11 was before -directly on the server (there are no other FM servers runnig in my network).

              Strange it seem to be quick after the installation until I reboot the server - it is after the first reboot when admin concole becomes so slow that I need to wait like hour to configure and just go through all the options pictured on the image i posted on left hand side.

              Today i got one of the FM12Pro clients running and tried to access remotely - same thing - takes me ages between the clicks (it will go there aventually but it is just taking ages)

              I haven't even connect/  load/ open my database yet - there is only a built in SAMPLE running.