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FM 12 Web Publishing Engine crash

Question asked by mprand on Jun 19, 2014
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FM 12 Web Publishing Engine crash

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     Hi All,

     We recently migrated to FM 12 server running on Windows 2008 and in the last month we've started having problems with searches in our CWP solution returning a 500 - internal server error in the browser.  Each time, when it's reported, we can't duplicate the problem until yesterday when we had a more timely report and found the web publishing engine taking up 100% of the CPU on the server. We had to stop and start the service, then stop and start it again before it started working properly. this was around Noon yesterday and then it happened to another user around 11p, but by the time we got the report, the server was acting fine. We are running FMS v12.04.405 on Win 2008 R2.  I'm not seeing anything in the FMS logs, but I just changed the setting to show me info and errors.  I found a lot of posts that seemed to report similar problems, but not exactly (different versions, errors, server platforms, etc.  any help would be greatly appreciated!