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    FM 13 Server Advanced and SSL Certificates



      FM 13 Server Advanced and SSL Certificates

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           Dear Forum,

           I am experimenting with a FM13 development file for a customer to determine whether WebD is adequate for a particular purpose (limited customer access for placing orders).  My file is working fairly well, hosted on my FM 13 Server Advanced machine at  The [Guest] account is on, so no initial login is required to access the file via WebD in a browser.  My server does not have a paid-for SSL certificate (yet) on it.  Access to my remote database using my iMac and Safari (latest versions of everything) works pretty well so far.  My Windows 7 VM with Explorer v11 keeps getting a big red "Communication Error" message across the screen and a smaller "Certificate Error" in the URL bar at top.  

           I added my server's IP address to Explorer's "Trusted Sites" but still get the error. The finer points of Explorer "Internet Options" elude me, but I am assuming (hoping?) that if I buy and pay for a certificate from a legitimate supplier and install it on my server, the Windows/Explorer access errors will cease.  

           Before spending the money for the certificate, I am hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can tell me that having a valid SSL certificate will, indeed, solve my Windows/Explorer access problem.  Any special insights into having or not-having a certificate on the server and the FM Server console setting to "Require Secure Connections" would be appreciated.

           Thanks for your thoughts,