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fm 13 server, 1 client frequent disconnects

Question asked by ToddGustafson_1 on Sep 2, 2014
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fm 13 server, 1 client frequent disconnects

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I have a filemaker server install that has been running on a new mac mini for some months with no issues.  One of the users recently got a new iMac.  since getting the new workstation, she is frequently disconnected from filemaker if she works on something else while leaving filemaker open.  When this disconnect happens, the server records it in the log, indicating that it could not reach the client and had disconnected it.  I understand that if the server has no traffic from a client for sixty seconds, it calls out to the client to see if it's there, then tries again after sixty more seconds, and gives up and disconnects it after a total of 126 seconds.  We tried with other connections (tried wifi and tried an external usb NIC).  We ran new cat6 cable the whole way, and we replaced he switch.  Still the disconnects are observed, and still they are observed only on this one user's new machine.  Can anyone offer me any suggestions of where to look for any additional sign of what's going on?  Does the filemaker client log anything locally that I could look into?