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    FM 6 and Leopard



      FM 6 and Leopard

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      From what I've read here and other places, FM 6 ought to be OK with Leopard. I'm at a school and developed CDML and imported our dbf files into filemaker for our 6000+ records and CD's (music collection). It all works fine and does everything I need. I've never had a need to upgrade to a different version and as I understand this was the last version that used CDML so I'd have to redo everything. But since everything works just fine now I don't want to mess with it.


      The machine has 10.4 and I'm considering upgrading the OS to 10.5. What I need to make sure that works is what's used to put stuff online -- the web assistant, CDML on apache and all that sort of stuff. I don't do any real "work" in filemaker. It's just used as a database webserver.  Our data entry is still done on a Windows machine that uses dbf files which are periodically imported into FM 6. 


      Any "gottcha's" that anyone knows about?

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          Hi tromba,

          Thanks for posting.


          I just wanted to verify that although some users may apply a FMP 6 and Leopard environment, FMP 6 is not tested or certified to run on Leopard.  The earliest version is FMP 8.5v2 although it is recommended that at least FMP 9 is used for full functionality (FMP 8.5v2, for example, has IWP issues with Leopard).


          This is more so for any posters/lurkers who may take your post literally in terms of system requirements.




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            Yes I understand that. This is purely a monetary consideration. We have FM unlimited 6 which we couldn't afford to replace (small private school) and it does 100% of what we need done, which is provide online access to our data in our record/CD library. In fact all data entry itself is done in Windows in a different program. I then just import the dbf file into Filemaker.


            Because it just works GREAT and causes no problems at all, it's impossible to justify the high expense of upgrading. On the other hand, we are hitting a wall with some other music programs and 10.3. I'd just hate to get Leopard for those programs and find out our MAIN program and most expensive one is the one that won't work.