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FM 8.5A Unable to Print - any simple solution?

Question asked by stelly on Oct 26, 2009
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FM 8.5A Unable to Print - any simple solution?

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I am unable to print directly from FM 8.5A (regular 8.5 was not a problem).  Although I could export to PDF, I was also unable to print to PDF, until I made the modification to "info.plist" as described by "micinfo" at     

Can't print to PDF   

which simply eliminated an "A" from single line of code in the "Advanced" version.


It is irksome that FMI would not have found and fixed such a flaw, but more importantly, I am wondering if anyone has sleuthed this problem and found a similarly simple way to enable FM 8.5A to print directly to a printer?  


Is the same flaw present in more recent versions of FM (advanced)?