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FM 9 Server: Admin Console Locking Error

Question asked by monkeymissile on Sep 14, 2009
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FM 9 Server: Admin Console Locking Error

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this is my first post and I'm a FM newbie. We bought FM9 well over a year ago and are JUST getting around to using it. A while back I installed FM9 Server on an older, slower server and soon after uninstalled it after I realized I had no disk space left. It's now installed on a brand new server running MS Server 2003. When I try to open the admin console, I get this Admin Console Locking Error: "Filemaker server is currently being deployed by another user and is not available at this time". 

Thinking it must have something to do with my initial installation attempt, I deleted everything FM from the old server and rebooted it, but no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.