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FM php default find behaviour

Question asked by pdh on Aug 23, 2010
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FM php default find behaviour

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Can somebody tell me how a hange the default find behaviour when using php and FM server. If I create a find page using the wizard when a user clicks find without entering any find criteria onthe page Filemaker returns all the records in the database. What I want it to do is to fail to find anything. I'm guessing it can be changed in this part of the code but I don't know what to change t to.

 switch ($action) {
        case "find": {
        // clear the recid

        // create a find command
           $findCommand = $fm->newFindCommand($layoutName);

        // get the posted record data from the findrecords page
           $findrequestdata = $cgi->get('storedfindrequest');
           if (isset($findrequestdata)) {
               $findCom = prepareFindRequest($findrequestdata, $findCommand, $cgi);

            // set the logical operator
               $logicalOperator = $cgi->get('-lop');
               if (isset($logicalOperator)) {
           } else
               $findCom = $fm->newFindAllCommand($layoutName);
        default: {
           $findCom = & $fm->newFindAllCommand($layoutName);

It looks like the default is a find all

$findCom = $fm->newFindAllCommand($layoutName);

is there a similar command to say find none ?

regards paul.