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    FM Pro 10 won't start


      FM Pro 10 won't start

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      I have been using FM Pro 10 without problems for a couple of weeks. Now, it comes up with an error message whenever I try to open a database. The message is "Filemaker cannot share files over the Web because of a port number conflict. Please configure web publishing to use a different port."


      No matter what I enter, it accepts the value and then shuts down without further dialog. I have tried deleting preference files and looked for updates, but found none. 


      This message appears regardless of if I use web publishing or not. I haven't even gotten to the point of publishing any of my work, so I'm not sure why it thinks I want to use web publishing on startup.


      If anyone has suggestions, please help! Thank you.

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          Thank you for your post.


          This occurs sometimes if you are running two different versions of FileMaker Pro (10 and 9).  Both ports will attempt to access the same port, and once one has been set, sometimes it never lets go, even after quitting.  Restarting the machine is one way to remedy this.


          The default port is port 80, which can be used by a number of other web based products.  FileMaker, Inc. has registered and reserved port 591, so that is always a good port to use.


          If you are still running into difficulties, please let me know.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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               Thank you. I had posted this issue on another thread, and we resolved it there with deletion of some preference files that I was unaware of previously. All is good now. Thank you for your help.
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              Hey, any chance you could PM me with the location of that forum that solved this for you? or perhaps tell us here the files that needed to be deleted to resolve it?  or perhaps put a link here to the solution?  I'm stuck with the same filemaker 10 pro not starting up thing, and it's really agrivating.  Tells to choose a port, and no matter the port it seems that it wont' startup.   was working fine before.



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                It was threaded under "Report a Bug" and the topic was "FM Pro 10 Crashing When Instant Web Publishing."


                I hope that helps you - it sure helped me.