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FM Server 10 -> 12 Upgrade Path

Question asked by DavidBrown on Jan 24, 2013
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FM Server 10 -> 12 Upgrade Path

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     Due to a disk crash, we are having to re-install our FM Server. Can someone clarify what order things should be done in?

     Host machine: Apple Server 10.5 (PowerPC).

     We have our auth code for our original "Filemaker Server 8 Retail".

     We have our auth code for our "Filemaker Server 10 Upgrade"


Question 1: Do we have to install FM Server 8 first and then apply an updater or can we just install the V.10 immediately?  

     I'm just not sure whether the auth code for the "upgrade" will work by itself. The only support document I could find related to upgrading to Server V.10 on a Snow Leopard machine which stated that the previous FM Server version had to be uninstalled completely - but no support docs for V.8 to V.10 on an OS X Server 10.5. Maybe the uninstallation was required due to change in architecture in 10.6 server.

     The other problem might be that we cannot find our installation disks. I downloaded a trial version of FM Server 10 from FileMaker's support site (from a support doc link) but the installer  just crashes a few seconds after double-clicking (produces a Crash Report type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)). I cannot find a trial version for FM  Server 8.