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    FM Server 10 Admin Console "Deafness"



      FM Server 10 Admin Console "Deafness"

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      First time poster, long time reader...

      Apologies to all if this should be entered under an existing thread, but all the similar posts I could find to this issue say to start a new thread.

      Issues are very similar to those described below, to which I have seen no resolution:



      Windows Server 2003r2 SP2, FMServer, Java 6.23 (not the 24 which I have read causes known problems)

      We have about a dozen clients, mix of Mac & XP users running a mix of FMPro 9 & 10. I installed FMServer 10 back in February (removed Server 7 as per installation instructions), and it had been running perfectly until 4/13/11 (the day I went on vacation). I came back a week later to check in on the server, and noticed that the databases’ modification date was 4/12/11, at the time the "Daily" backup completed (hadn't been modified in a week). As has been reported by other users, clients list was inaccurate as to who was connected, and the Schedule "Daily" was running – and had been for 8 days without completing. And that was the last event on the log viewer. There had been no backups since then, because the backup schedule was still running. I could not stop it.

      After searching this forum, I attempted to run the fmsadmin.exe application to try some command lines. A black terminal window would pop up briefly then close: I could not get fmsadmin to run. As many others have noted, my only recourse here was to reboot the server. Since I don't like to do this too often, I went ahead and ran Windows Update, which grabbed about 15 updates, installed, restarted, relaunched FMSAdmin Console. Everything seemed fine. At the time of that reboot, I set up email alerts, and received nightly notifications that backups had occurred as scheduled…until 4/24. Checked the log viewer Monday morning, and same issue as before: "Schedule "Daily" Running" is the last event. Out of date client list, unresponsive console, can’t launch fmsadmin.exe.

      All clients can still connect, and there doesn't *seem* to be any loss of functionality or data. Just very nervous that the data has not backed up and seems frozen in time from the server side.

      So, has there been any resolution with this issue since the posts I referenced above?

      Thanks in advance for any help possible: a redirect to another post, or even better a solution!

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          Thanks for posting!

          Let's check the event log for FileMaker Server and verify that this is the same issue. Head to C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Logs\ and open the event.log file. If this is the same issue, you should see an event with an id of 628 reported at some point within the log. The format of this log is:

          <date> <type> <event id> <server name> <description>

          So you'll be looking for this information in the third column.


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            TS Bear,

            this is new information that hasn't been posted here as far as I know and I was one of the early reporters of this issue. Last I heard, this issue was still one that the tech folks were having difficulty reproducing. This mean that they can now reproduce the issue?

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              We addressed this issue in FileMaker Server 11 and found that it resolved a vast majority of the cases. However, we've also had reports from a small number of users indicating that the issue was not resolved after upgrading. Our Quality Assurance and Development departments are currently in the process of investigating those reports.


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                Thanks for the response.

                There is no occurrence of a 628 event in the log. The entries look pretty standard until 4/13: that's when it hit "Schedule 'Daily' Running" and stopped responding (the first time).

                Don't know if this is germane, but didn't see it in other posts and forgot to mention it in my original: the main database also uses a SeedCode solution, which is referenced daily in the log with warnings, as:

                Warning 661 [ServerName] Client "[name]" authentication failed on database "SeedCodeComplete.fp7" using "[accountname] [fmapp]".

                This SeedCode opens when the main database is opened, but runs in the background (used for events calendar). 

                I will gladly provide any other information that might be useful, thanks again.

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                  What's odd from a user perspective is that I have two server machines running very similar databases with copies of FMS 10 installed. One has never ever gone deaf. The other does every few months.

                  I'll repeat the info from your last post to my boss as it clarifies the scope of the issue with FMS 11 to see if he would be willing to upgrade to FMS 11. (He has strongly resisted that in the past, insisting that you should have fixed it with an update.)

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                    I've sent you a private message with additional information. Please check your inbox at the top of this screen to view this message.


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                      There is a new updater out for FMS11 which also suffers from some of these issues.  I highly suggest that everyone downloads it.  I cannot guarantee that it fixes all the memory leaks and incomplete garbage collection and deaf issues - we are just beginning to test it.  But FMI indicates it solves a lot of these issues.