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FM Server 10 Advanced not connecting to IIS

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2009
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FM Server 10 Advanced not connecting to IIS

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I am running on Server 2003. Everything works fine except that whenever I use the deployment wizard to set up the web server on port 80. I get this error.. ------------------------------------------- Unconfiguring web server... Return code = 0 Testing web server... Return code = false Retry Web Server test... Web server test failed. Return code = -1 ------------------------------------------- So far I have tried the following.. Veriied that the server is configured to serve webpages. Disabled the windows firewall Stopped Sharepoint service Restared IIS and Filemaker service Turned the firewall on and opened up the necessary ports Re-installed server advanced but no luck It recognizes IIS but will not get past the configuration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.