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FM Server 10 Advanced: No JDBC port open

Question asked by HugoMills on Aug 24, 2010
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FM Server 10 Advanced: No JDBC port open

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I am trying to get an application I've written to talk to a FileMaker 10 Server Advanced installation using JDBC on MacOS X.

However, I cannot work out how to get the FM Server to listen on port 2399 for the JDBC connection. I have checked all of the points listed at the end of Chapter 4 of the ODBC/JDBC guide, and I'm reasonably sure I've got them all set up correctly. The problem is that

$ netstat -an | grep 2399

returns nothing -- the server is not listening on port 2399, and so I can't connect to it via JDBC. Neither I nor my colleague who runs the FileMaker database can see what else we need to do to make this work. What have we missed?