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    FM Server 10 and ODBC cannot connect



      FM Server 10 and ODBC cannot connect

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      I have a need to write some reports, and I am trying to get an ODBC connection to my Filemaker databases, but can't seem to get a connection established.

      I've turned on ODBC access from the Server Console, and enabled it for the databases. When I try to configure a DSN and specify my server IP:2399, I get:

      "There was a problem connecting to the host."

      Running Netstat on the server indicates that nothing listens to port 2399.

      I'm running Filemaker ODBC Driver V and FM Server 10, client Windows 7, server Windows Server 2003.  There are no firewalls enabled.

      I've searched the forums, but can't seem to find a solution.

      Any assistance is appreciated.




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          I've found since upgrading to Filemaker Server 11 the ODBC service fails to properly start and I am forced to restart it manually.  

          To restart:

          Kill 'fmxdbc_listener.exe" from Task Manager

          Navigate to your Filemaker Server Folder (Example: C:\Program Files\Filemaker\Filemaker Server)

          Then navigate to 'Database Server\Extensions\xDBC Support'

          Run 'fmxdbc_listener.exe'

          It will run in a console window but it will accept ODBC connection requests.

          I haven't found a work around for this yet.  No matter how I properly close all database and restart Filemaker Server the xDBC listener service fails to accept connections until I perform this manual restart of the service.  Hope it helps!

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            Version 11 of Filemaker client has a new ODBC driver from previous versions.  Maybe the v11 ODBC client drive can't be used with Server v10?

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              Thank you for your input!   

              I searched but could not find any file called fmxdbc_listener.exe on the server, nor *listen* under Filemaker.

              That's the problem, but why doesn't it exist ?  Looking at the FM10 ODBC/JDBC guide, I found this under "About ODBC":

              "If you use FileMaker Server Advanced to host a FileMaker database file as a data source, the database file can be located on another machine (the server machine) connected to the network, while your client application is located on your machine (the client machine)."

              I'm running Filemaker Server 10, but not Advanced, yet ODBC is available via the Filemaker Server Admin Console.

              Further down:

              "To confirm that the SequeLink Server is currently running, you can use the Activity Monitor on Mac OS or the Task Manager on Windows to check the status of the ddfmsoc process. When the process is started, it is named FMSocket_SL55, and events are logged by that name. The SequeLink Server process is separate from the FileMaker Server process."

               Run ddfmsoc.exe - it immediately returns and does not stay running...

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                I missed the fact that you're running Filemaker Server 10.  You need to be running Filemaker Server Advanced to use ODBC.