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FM Server 10 and ODBC cannot connect

Question asked by KenH on Nov 18, 2010
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FM Server 10 and ODBC cannot connect

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I have a need to write some reports, and I am trying to get an ODBC connection to my Filemaker databases, but can't seem to get a connection established.

I've turned on ODBC access from the Server Console, and enabled it for the databases. When I try to configure a DSN and specify my server IP:2399, I get:

"There was a problem connecting to the host."

Running Netstat on the server indicates that nothing listens to port 2399.

I'm running Filemaker ODBC Driver V and FM Server 10, client Windows 7, server Windows Server 2003.  There are no firewalls enabled.

I've searched the forums, but can't seem to find a solution.

Any assistance is appreciated.