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    FM Server 10 on Mac will not deploy



      FM Server 10 on Mac will not deploy

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      We have FMS 10 running on a Mac Mini.  We bought a new Mac Mini and I want to swap it in as the server, and use the existing Mini for a user machine.


      I set up the new Mini and used the Migration Assistant to copy everything from the existing server to the new one.  


      When I tried to open the FM Server Admin Console, it wouldn't open.  The message didn't really provide any information about what the problem might be.


      I uninstalled FMS and reinstalled it - the message indicated that the install was successful. I get as far as the Admin Console Start page, and then nothing happens.  If I click on "click here if the admin console did not launch automatically", then it just downloads "admin_console_init_webstart" - if I try to open that the screen flickers and then nothing happens.


      Help!  I really need to get this working.