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FM Server 10--Admin Console does not work.

Question asked by Daryl on Aug 28, 2009
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FM Server 10--Admin Console does not work.

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Hi All,


I have a current case number assigned with FM tech support and have spent a few hours on the phone with them trying to solve this problem.  The point of posting it here is hoping someone stumbles upon a solution so that they can enlighten me, other forum members and FM's tech support team.


I cannot get the FMS Admin Console to come up from the pre-launch page.  This is what has been done to troubleshoot so far:


  • Two different web servers have been installed and uninstalled, IIS and Apache.
  • The Java Cache has been flushed.
  • The NIC has been disabled and then re-enabled.
  • Ports are open.

During each of these items, FMS was uninstalled and re-installed.  The Admin Console is still not accessable.


So, if any of you have any other ideas, please let me know and I'll pass it along.  In the mean time, I'm hanging.





System: Windows Vista, SP2 32&64 Bit

Browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari