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    FM Server 10--Admin Console does not work.



      FM Server 10--Admin Console does not work.

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      Hi All,


      I have a current case number assigned with FM tech support and have spent a few hours on the phone with them trying to solve this problem.  The point of posting it here is hoping someone stumbles upon a solution so that they can enlighten me, other forum members and FM's tech support team.


      I cannot get the FMS Admin Console to come up from the pre-launch page.  This is what has been done to troubleshoot so far:


      • Two different web servers have been installed and uninstalled, IIS and Apache.
      • The Java Cache has been flushed.
      • The NIC has been disabled and then re-enabled.
      • Ports are open.

      During each of these items, FMS was uninstalled and re-installed.  The Admin Console is still not accessable.


      So, if any of you have any other ideas, please let me know and I'll pass it along.  In the mean time, I'm hanging.





      System: Windows Vista, SP2 32&64 Bit

      Browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari

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          Well, any update? Have you been able to fix this?


          Here's how I managed to resolve this last night:


          This is for all of you that can see the pre-login screen but nothing happens, the page keeps loading over and over.

          Also, if you enter localhost:16000 on a browser, or you IP for example:   all you get is an HTTP 500 filemaker error page.


          first time I tried this:

          disable ethernet adapter (in networking connections)

          uninstall filemaker

          reinstall filemaker

          enable ethernet adapter

          THIS DID NOT WORK.


          Do this instead:


          -Unplug your ethernet cable

          -go to networking connections and disable all ethernet adapters (check that all adapter icons are grayed out and marked as disabled)

          -go to control panel/add remove programs and uninstall filemaker server

          -uninstall java 6

          -uninstall bonjour

          -uninstall any other java module you may have (in my case I had a java runtime installed)

          -uninstall any other version of Filemaker you may have


          -go to administrative tools/windows services and disable IIS service (that´s the internet information server). Note make sure to stop the service, then disable it.. otherwise it will restart upon reboot.

          -reboot your PC and make sure the IIS service is already disabled

          -go to your filemaker server CD and manually install java 6 (look for it under the folder ISSSetupPrerequisites )

          -manually install bonjour (look for it under the folder ISSSetupPrerequisites ), there are 2 installation files on 2 different folders. use the file named bonjoursetup.exe (unless you're running a 64 bit windows)

          -reboot your PC (not sure if required but do this just in case)

          -install filemaker server by double clicking on the filemaker server 10.msi file (not the setup.exe)

          -you may be asked to reboot, do this

          -after installation is complete open the console. or enter  localhost:16000

          you should now be prompted to enter a password (this means it works now!)

          do that and continue configuring the server. When you finish configuration make sure you can open the filemaker server admin console...

          Thats' it...

          re-enable your ethernet adapters and plug in your ethernet cable

          re-enable the IIS service if you plan to use it.


          my first post by the way :)


          hope it helps!

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            Wow Rigman!


            You must have spent hours on this.


            I have waited for FM Tech Support to come up with a solution to this problem for two weeks.  I'm grateful that they are trying, but seems to me that they didn't do all their debugging homework when they built this interface.


            I'll try your solution and let you know.


            Thanks for the feedback, and if it works, and your ever in North Idaho, I'll buy you lunch!





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              Well, I really hope it works for you. I know how frustrating it can get. I spent all afternoon trying to get this right, took me about 3 or 4 uninstalls until I got the right one.


              If you really want to make sure the first time, I'do a clean install of the O.S. and continue from there (I have server 2003 SP2 here), just make sure to follow the instructions step by step where it applies.


              Let me know if it works for you. I've seen other similar posts of people having the same issue so it must be a common bug.

              And thanks for the lunch offer ;


              good luck!

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                Hi Rigman,


                Well it works!  What I discovered is that FMS does not like FMPA installed first.  After experimenting with your procedure, I was able to install FMS from setup after un-installing FMPA and it worked fine without manually having to install the other components or mess with the NIC.  So, looks like the answer lies with FMPA being installed first.


                After successful FMS installation and update, I installed FMPA and updated it and all is well.  The Admin Console pops right up.


                Thanks for your troubleshooting efforts and willingness to post your results.  It helped a lot.


                Regards Rigman,



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                  I have ben trying to fix this all afternoon and you have helped me. It is unbelievable. I would never have found this myself.


                  I constantly received the filemaker server 10 encountered an error http error 500.


                  Thank you a thousand times. this was absolutley the most stubborn fault i have ever had on my pc.


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                    HI all!


                    I have read your messages but still I can't get through.

                    I have installed filemaker pro server 10 on a windows 7.

                    No way I can have access to the Admin console.


                    I would be very grateful if you could give me any advise.