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FM Server 11 - Change Password At First Use Fails

Question asked by ReSys on Aug 2, 2010


FM Server 11 - Change Password At First Use Fails

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I've run into a problem with changing passwords on FileMaker Server 11 / Pro 11. A similar problem has been covered in FileMaker forums, but only in connection with FM Pro 10 opening files from FM Server 9. It was fixed in FM Pro 10.0.3.

When a customer's database Administrator adds a new user account, a temporary password is assigned for the new user to change at its first use. To add the new account, the administrator stops FM Server, adds the account in FM Pro, exits FM Pro and re-opens the file in FM Server. When the new user logs in with FM Pro as a network client, Change Password starts but the changed password isn't accepted. This message appears:

Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action.

Change Password then loops back to password entry. The original password no longer works and the newly entered password doesn't work either. This happens in both FM Pro 11 and FM Pro Advanced 11 on any OS.

If FM Server is stopped and the database is opened on the server with FM Pro, the changed password as previously entered by the network client, works as it should. After using it to log in in this way, if the database is then closed in FM Pro and re-opened in FM Server, the changed password now works for the network client.

Changing password by clicking the Change Password button seems to work reliably, but not for changing a password the first time it's used.

I've replicated this on my server, although it seems to be inconsistent. It looks as if the problem is present immediately the server starts, but may go away some time later.


Details of the installation are as follows:
FM Server running on Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition.
FM Pro (for both server admin and network clients), mostly running on Windows XP Pro SP3 for network clients.

If anyone knows how to fix this I'd be delighted to hear about it!