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FM Server 11 and FMSADMIN.EXE

Question asked by bgorigin on May 10, 2010
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FM Server 11 and FMSADMIN.EXE

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My Server 11 Install only works half way.


Port 16000 does not start or listen.  I have no firewall, no tcp/ip filterning or any virus protection on a Windows 2003 Server STD SP2 32bit.


I can actually connect to this server via FM Pro 11 on the workstations.


On the server FMWRAPPER and FMSADMIN are not under running processes.  The only thing running is FMSERVER and FMSHELPER. 


On the server when I go to open the admin server page it says it is unavailable.  When I try to open telnet localhost 16000 it does not connect. 


I have uninstalled completely and reinstalled with the same issues.  Does anyone know why the two process will not start?