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FM Server 11 and odbc on SQL 2005

Question asked by Itsisnofun on Jul 30, 2010


FM Server 11 and odbc on SQL 2005

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We currently pull data from FMP-A back to some sql tables to be merged with other data from other sources using obdc. Currently using server 9 and just upgraded clients to ver 11 of FMP-A. On testing the new odbc drivere that is requirerd for ver 11 of FMP-S the DSN setups and test okay and I can place my select statement in the connector inside the SSIS package but the fields from the select state do not return in the connector. Also I notice just testing using excel and the DNS that the odbc driver is now case sentative on it return data. If my select statement says pull based on a the state field equal 'ga' it pulls just 'ga' and not 'GA'

Is anyoine using the new odbc driver to pull data back to a sql table using SSIS package on SQL 2005?